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JRP Edge Digital Tachometer + RPM Shift Light Gauge 52mm

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The JRP Edge 52mm digital tachometer gauge & RPM shift light combo was a product idea we came up with when thinking about how we could further improve on the standard 52mm car tacho gauge design. At first these gauges are a simple 9000rpm tachometer gauge, but thanks to our excellent engineer and some cleaver thinking, they can also double as a programable shift light. The concept is actually fairly simple and can be achieved from just configuring two settings in the gauge for the shift light function to work, first is the warning setting, this is where the shift light function will end and the gauge beeps to say you have hit redline. The second setting is the RPM step setting which determines at what RPM will the shift light feature starts it’s process of changing the gauges colour right up to your set warning figure.

Below we have two examples of how this shift light function works, note for both these examples we have the operating colour of the gauge as blue, and we have set the four selectable colours for the shift light function to Green, Yellow, Orange & Red. Note that it’s also possible to change any of these 4 shift light colours on the gauge to any combination you like. So for example you want to use Red as your normal running colour for the tacho, you could have the shift light function go from Red when operating outside of the RPM range that triggers the shift light staging, then when it enters the RPM ranges for the shift light function it will start changing to Green, Yellow, Orange, White for example. You have complete control over which colours you want to use as the base operating colour, and then which colours are used in the shift light staging.

So below we have two examples of what the results are from setting the RPM Step function at 500 or 200, along with the RPM redline / warning at 6500 & 7000 RPM, these examples show how the gauge will respond with the shift light function turned on, along with both of these settings configured. If you are keen to see how this looks visually, click on the video tab on this page and you can see a little working example we have recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Tachometer + Shift Light Example #1

RPM Step Setting: 500rpm
RPM Warning: 6500

0-4500 RPM = Gauge Is Blue
4501-5000 RPM = Gauge Is Green
5001-5500 RPM = Gauge Is Yellow
5501 – 6000 RPM = Gauge Is Orange
6001 – 6500 RPM = Gauge Is Red

6500 RPM = Audible Beeping From the Gauge


Tachometer + Shift Light Example #2

RPM Step Setting: 200rpm
RPM Warning: 7000

0-6200 RPM = Gauge Is Blue
6201-6400 RPM = Gauge Is Green
6401-6600 RPM = Gauge Is Yellow
6601 – 6800 RPM = Gauge Is Orange
6801 – 7000 RPM = Gauge Is Red

7000 RPM = Audible Beeping From the Gauge


So there is just two working example on how the JRP 52mm tachometer shift light combo gauge functions. As above you can set the gauges to display any combinations of colours you like for this feature, the RPM step for the shift light function can step in 200, 300, 400 or 500 RPM increments for the colour changes so you can really configure this feature to suit most applications. Alternatively you can also disable the shift light feature if you don’t really want to use it and then the gauge will just be a standard 9000 RPM tacho where you can just simply choose from one of the ten colours the gauges can display.

This concept turns this little tachometer gauge into a pretty decent little tacho + shift light combo gauge, without any unsightly big lights hanging off the side of the gauge, it’s a simple yet functional feature that we here at JRP think is done quite well. With the Edge LCD panels, these gauges are extremely bright in all conditions and will function perfectly as a visual shift light that will have you changing gears at exactly the points you want and are completely configurable. On top of the visual indication of RPM, these gauges of course can be programmed with an audible warning for shift as well, so with the combination of the gauges changing colour at certain RPM, if you ever miss that last colour in the shift light step the gauges will also sound an audible warning that you need to change gears. The Edge 52mm tachometer gauges really are a terrific little combo of both an RPM tacho with shift light function built in, all in a neat and tidy 52mm package.

Note we will be releasing our Edge 95mm / 3.75” versions of these tachometer gauges in Q2 2022, so if you have read all of this and are thinking god I would love a tacho like this but you wanted something a little bigger than the 52mm package, then you are in luck and they are in the works right now. We will have both 95mm / 3.75” Tachometers like these, and will also be doing the same for a speedo gauge as well.

JRP Edge 52mm Tachometer Gauge Kit & Shift Light Features Breakdown Below

Tacho Readout 0 to 9000 RPM
Configurable Shift Light
Redline Warning
Peak Value Recoding
10-Colour Selectable LCD
3 Selectable opening & Closing Ceremonies
Three Volts Scale Type Selections
Day & Night Brightness Settings

What's included with the JRP Edge 52mm tacho gauge is below

52mm Edge Digital Tachometer Gauge
52mm Gauge Pod
U-Bracket Pillar Mounting Kit
1M Wideband Input Cable
1M Remote Button Controller
1.5M Power Cable
20cm Power Link Cable

The JRP Edge 52mm gauge ranges logo


High spec lcd panelsAMAZING LCD DISPLAYS

The crown jewel of the Edge 52mm range of gauges is their amazing VA type LCD panels that were developed just for these gauges. As soon as you see them light up you will know right away these are not your typical LCD gauge, they have an amazing clarity & brightness to them. These amazing panels are one of the main reasons that our little concept for making these 52mm tacho gauges into a 2in1 combo was even possible, if the display panels were dull and not bright, they really wouldn’t make a very good shift light.

The LCD panels used in the JRP Edge range of gauges took over a year in development process, they are a high end VA type panel which allows for superior viewing angles and brightness, the first thing you will notice about the JRP Edge gauges is how they can be viewed quite clearly on both on & off angle viewing, one of the shortfalls of LCD is as you view them off angle their brightness and clarity reduce, the JRP Edge have some of the best off angle viewing of any LCD gauge on the market today.

They have a brightness of 600nit which is terrific, daytime viewing on some LCD gauges can be a little poor due to lack of brightness, this is not the case with the Edge range of gauges, and they are clear and easy to read in almost any condition. Also having such many selectable display colours means it will be much easier to match factory instrument clusters for those customers who want to maintain a consistent look in their cabin.

Info on the JRP Edge 52mm gauges modern designHigh End Build Quality

The Edge range of gauges have a robust design, the body of the gauges are a tough light weight alloy finished in a polished black look which gives them a nice contemporary look which will suit almost any application. These gauges also use a thick single piece scratch proof tempered glass panel in front of the LCD screen which slightly protrudes from the gauge itself for an awesome look that just screams quality. There is nothing worse than gauges that just look cheap, and the last thing the Edge range does is look cheap, they have a modern look which is also supported by quality housing and glass which just gives them that overall feel and look of quality.


Install requires only one single power link cableSINGLE POWER INSTALL

All our Edge 52mm range of gauges have the Power Link feature and cable included, this is a simple way to provide power to more than one gauge with just a single link cable running from the primary gauge to any additional gauges. This is to save having to run multiple power looms for each gauge you have installed and reduced the soldering / crimping of power looms down to just the primary gauge itself. For any additional gauges you want to install, it is just a case of running a power link cable from one gauge to the next. It is a simple concept, but makes installing 3 or 4 gauges a much quicker and neater process having the feature be on the gauges.


Gauges can be controlled with supplied external remote buttonREMOTE CONTROL

While the gauges themselves have a single button on the gauge body itself which is used for making changes to the gauge’s settings, such as colour selection, warning values, viewing or clearing peak values, each Edge 52mm digital tacho + shift light gauge comes with an external cabled button controller which can be installed somewhere tucked away in the cabin for making changes to the gauges settings after installation without having to remove the gauge from its housing to make the changes. Just simply connect our little button controller to the gauge and install somewhere easy to access, be it hidden away, or you can install it into your dash for the race look. Updating the gauges warning settings, changing colours, viewing or resetting peak values will no longer be a hassle at all. 


Gauges can have warnings set, and peak value recordingWARNINGS & PEAK VALUES

All the Edge range of 52mm gauges have the ability to set warnings on the gauges, it’s an important part of any decent gauge solution for users to be able to configure their own warning values on the gauges, and in the case of these 52mm tacho + shift light combo gauges, the warning function serves a couple of purposes. One is the warning value set is used by the shift light function, and second is the traditional use for the warning is that when you exceed the set RPM the gauge will audibly alert you. The gauges have a built in buzzer that will alert you if a warning has been triggered, and a nice little warning symbol on the gauges screen.

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