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Spartan 2 Wideband Controller & Bosch 4.9 Oxygen Sensor

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  • Availability: Discontinued - Spartan 3 Is Here

With the release of the latest Spartan 3 widebands from 14point7 in June 2021, we have discontinued selling the Spartan 2 range as they have now been superseded by the latest Spartan 3 range of wideband products. We have left this page on the website for information purposes & for people that are still searching for these units so we can point you towards the new range of Spartan 3 packages we have available on the website to purchase. If you are looking for one of the worlds best and most reliable wideband ranges, then checkout the whole new range of Spartan 3 packages below.

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Spartan 3 Lite Wideband

Spartan 3 Lite
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Spartan 3D Lite
Diesel Wideband


Are you sick of high priced wideband products that fail to live up to the hype, with either high failure rates on the controllers / gauges, or have been going through sensors like they are going out of fashion, well you are not alone and so are we. This is why we are proud official resellers of 14point7, who in our opinion make some of the very best wideband products on the market, and they manage to do it while keeping the cost of their products at amazing prices.


14point7 has been around for a long time, but some of you might not have heard of them before. This is because unlike Innovate & AEM who are very large companies, 14point7 catered more to the tech savvy DIY car people out there, they also more targeted the aftermarket ECU community of the Megasquirt which isn’t huge here in Australia. Don’t be fooled by the lower price, the Spartan 2 is one mean little wideband controller, it can hold its own against the big guys and in most area’s that matter outperform them.

Where the Spartan 2 differs from the bigger name brands is it doesn’t come with a whole bunch of features that most people won’t use. Like Innovates logging system, most of us have aftermarket ECU’s and we don’t need extra logging, it’s just wasted tech that adds to the price tag and more components that could eventually fail. The 14point7 Spartan 2 is just a wideband controller, and a bloody great one at that. It also uses and ships with the very latest Bosch 4.9 oxygen sensor, which has become the industry standard replacing the older 4.2 model. It has a linear 0-5v wideband analog out to connect to gauges or aftermarket ECU’s, it also has a simulated narrowband output that can be run back to the factory ECU if you are replacing the factory narrowband sensor with the Spartan 2 wideband so that your car’s ECU will still receive the info it needs to function properly.

The Spartan 2 wideband controller itself has been made with all automotive grade components, the same quality that you would find used by major car manufactures in what they would consider critical systems in their vehicles. These levels of components mean increased reliability, an increase in resistance to electromagnetic interference and overall a higher level of durability than non-automotive grade components.


Gauge Options & Packages Available

This wideband controller package does not come with a display gauge, this package is meant for people that are buying our Multi Gauge as a display, or for people that just want to connect a wideband controller to their aftermarket ECU. But we have range of wideband packages with gauges available to purchase. There is the 60mm LCD ranges, the 52mm LCD ranges and the 52mm LED dual wideband packages as well. The 60mm and 52mm gauges have an AFR readout of 10-20 which is ideal for petrol, but the multi gauges have the ability to switch between 10-20 AFR & 0.68 to 1.36 Lambda. So for those using alternative fuels such as e85, methanol etc, the multi gauges can be a really good option for getting a Lambda readout which is universal across all fuels.

Not everyone is looking for a gauge and just wants these connected to their vehicles ECU only and is why we also sell them without the gauge as an option. So regardless of what your use is for these terrific little widebands, be it a gauge or not, we have you covered. Below you will find links to the various gauge package options we have on offer, to either buy with a 60mm or 52mm gauge, or to bundle this package with one of our Multi Gauge systems.

52mm LCD

52mm Dual LED

Multi Gauge

List of features found on the Spartan 2 wideband


Bosch 4.9 Wideband Sensor IncludedBosch 4.9 02 Sensor

The Spartan 2 wideband controller comes with a high quality and latest generation Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband O2 Sensor, these are now the industry standard wideband sensors which provide superior lambda accuracy. They have a faster response rate compared to the older 4.2 models and have a rated lifespan of up to 100,000 kilometres if installed and treated correctly. The lifespan of your wideband sensor also depends on proper placement in the exhaust, make sure to follow the manual for proper placement of your sensor to ensure longevity.


0.01 Lambda Accuracy

14point7 takes extreme pride in the accuracy of their Spartan 2 wideband controllers, because of the high quality components used and their extensive factory calibration process each unit goes under, this little unit boasts a 0.01 Lambda accuracy out of the box. Another feature of these is that they do not require any free air calibration ever. Unlike other wideband controllers on the market which get you to remove the sensor from the exhaust after certain periods to do a free air calibration, the Spartan 2 is designed so this never needs doing.


Wideband 0-5v Analog Output 10-20 AFRWideband Analog Output

The Spartan 2 has a linear wideband analog output, which can be used to connect to gauges, ecu’s, data loggers etc. If you want to take advantage of your aftermarket ECU’s closed loop function or auto tune, you will need to run the wideband analog out from the Spartan 2 back you’re the analog in on your aftermarket ECU. The Linear Output is: 0v @ 0.68[Lambda] - 10[AFR] to 5v @ 1.36[Lambda] 20[AFR] equivalent for gasoline.  Check before purchasing that your ECU is able to accept this format, if un-sure, give us a call and we can assist.


simulated narrowband outputNarrowband Output

The Spartan 2 can also output a simulated narrowband signal that you can use to remove the factory 02 sensor and replace it with the Spartan 2 and still provide the ECU with 02 data that will keep the car running as it would with the factory oxygen sensor. If you simply remove your cars old narrowband sensor and replace it without running a narrowband signal back to the ECU, it will throw an error code and your fuel economy will suffer, so if you are replacing your factory narrowband with this unit, make sure you run the simulated narrowband signal from the Spartan 2 back to your car’s ecu.


02 sensor temperature monitorMonitors 02 Sensor Temp

Another handy feature of the Spartan 2 wideband is that it can actually measure and report sensor temperature, some of you might not know why this can be helpful, so I will explain. It’s important when placing your oxygen sensor to not only angle the sensor correctly in your exhaust, but also to place it where the sensor is not exposed to too much or too little heat, both of these can be bad and shorten the life of your sensor. The Spartan 2 comes with a little LED light you connect to the kit which will blink slowly if the sensor is too cold, or blink fast if the sensor is too hot. It also will just remain a solid light when the sensor temp is optimal and installed into the ideal location in the exhaust. One of the leading causes of premature sensor failure is related to improper placement, with this feature you can see if the sensor is placed in the optimal position in your exhaust system for sensor longevity.


Output Sequencer

The Spartan 2 has a feature called Output Sequencer, what this feature allows you to do is fine tune the linear analog out signal coming into your ECU to compensate for any ground offset errors that could be being created by grounding issues with your vehicle, which in turn could cause slightly inaccurate readings. Using the output sequencer you can offset for these grounding issues to get a perfect read into your ECU. Any aftermarket ECU that supports you being able to change the AFR range / scale will allow you to make use of the Output Sequencer. Of course this can be done on the megasquirt ECU’s, we noticed this can also be done on the Link G4’s as well. 14point7 have written a decent guide on how to use this function to optimise the accuracy of the readings from the sensor coming into your ecu which you can read by clicking here.

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