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Spartan 3D Lite Diesel Wideband Controller & Bosch 4.9 Oxygen Sensor

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Many of our Diesel customers that own our JRP 14in1 multi gauge have asked for it, and now we have delivered, we are proud to introduce the Spartan 3D Lite Diesel wideband controller, this package is designed to be used in conjunction with our JRP 14in1 multi gauge systems. This powerful little wideband will allow customers with Diesel motors to read their air fuel ratios on our multi gauge systems with an expanded AFR range that is required for Diesel motors, most wideband products in the market have an AFR range that is too narrow to be used for Diesel tuning, the majority of wideband controllers out there have a range of around 10-20 AFR which is fine for petrol applications but not Diesel, this Spartan 3D Lite has been configured to have a range of 10-40 AFR which is perfect for Diesels.

If you are looking to buy one of our 14in1 multi gauge systems and are running it on a Diesel motor and would like to take your tuning to a finer level over just using EGT, then buying one of these Spartan 3D Lite Diesel wideband controllers to connect to our multi gauge systems will then give you an air fuel ratio readout displaying on the 14in1 screen. Note we also do sell standalone Diesel wideband kits for those just looking for a Diesel wideband and don’t plan on getting our 14in1 multi gauge setup, we have kits that include this Spartan 3D Lite diesel wideband controller & Bosch 02 sensor along with our 52mm Edge LCD air fuel ratio gauge if you are only looking for a product to monitor your air fuel ratios on Diesels.

We go into detail below about the great features and quality you can expect when buying one of 14point7’s wideband controllers, and some specifics for the Spartan 3D Lite Diesel wideband itself. We have been the official distributors for 14poiint7 down here in Australia for years now and have thousands of their Spartan 2 widebands out in vehicles for that time, one thing that has been prevalent throughout our time selling their wideband products and that is they are bullet proof, we can honestly count on our hands how many units have been DOA or become faulty over the years, that itself is a testament to the build quality of the units along with their quality control processes and overall design & engineering from 14Point7. The Spartan 3D Lite diesel wideband is no different, you can expect a tough, reliable and well-built product to last the test of time. So, without any further ado, checkout the information below to learn more about these terrific little diesel wideband controllers which are the perfect companions to our 14in1 multi gauge systems to take your Diesel tuning to the next level.


Gauge Options & Packages Available

This Spartan 3D Lite diesel wideband controller package does not come with a display gauge, this kit is designed to be bought by Diesel customers that are also going to be buying one of our 14in1 multi gauge systems and will be connecting the Spartan 3D Lite to the control unit that comes in the multi gauge base pack and will then display a diesel AFR readout from this wideband controller on the 14in1 screen. So if you are buying one of our 14in1 systems and own a Diesel and would like to have AFR’s displayed on the screen along with your other readouts, this is the product to purchase.

If you are just looking for a standalone Diesel wideband kit, we also sell these same wideband controllers along with our little 52mm LCD Edge gauges, we have a link below you can click on to take you to it’s page as well. Any questions on which you should be ordering for your Diesel application, feel free to contact us at any time.

JRP 14in1 Gauge

52mm LCD


14point7 Spartan 3D Lite Diesel Wideband Controller Logo



Wideband 0-5v Analog Output 10-20 AFRDiesel AFR Range Of 10-40

If you are new to using a wideband on your Diesel motor, firstly using air fuel ratios for tuning on a Diesel is a much better way of going about it than just using just EGT alone. The combination of using AFR and EGT is going to give you the best possible tools to making sure your diesel motor is tuned to it’s optimum potential. For a wideband to be used for Diesel tuning, the wideband itself needs to be slightly different to those intended for petrol vehicles. Most wideband products on the market are designed for Petrol applications, and with that they only support a narrow range of 10-20 AFR, this is where the Spartan 3D Lite is different, these little controllers are built to give a wider range readout of 10-40 AFR which is perfect for Diesels. In most situations the ranges Diesel customers will be looking for under various conditions such as idle, cruise & full load will be between 18 to 26 AFR and so a normal wideband with it’s 10-20 AFR just won’t suffice.


Bosch 4.9 Wideband Sensor IncludedBosch 4.9 02 Sensor

One of the most important parts of a wideband is the oxygen sensor itself, this is the sensor that will be placed in your exhaust stream and reads the ratio of air to fuel and is what the Spartan 3D Lite controller needs connected to it so it can give you an AFR readout. Being Diesels can be very rough on 02 sensors, we only use 100% genuine Bosch motorsport 4.9 02 sensors, we specifically import these sensors from the USA from Bosch motorsport division to here in Australia to bundle with these wideband controllers, you can be assured when buying the Spartan 3D Lite Diesel wideband from us that you are getting a genuine Bosch wideband oxygen sensor. Bosch themselves have given these sensors a use rating for both Petrol & Diesel applications, so you can be assured as well that these sensors are the perfect companion to these dedicated Diesel wideband controllers. We are currently in the process of doing real world testing of our JRP 4.9 02 sensors in Diesel applications, once we have completed that testing and are happy with the results in a Diesel environment, we will also be offering these kits with our JRP sensors for a slightly lower cost, but for the time being these kits are only sold with the industry standard Bosch 4.9’s.


0.01 Lambda Accuracy

Apart from build quality, durability and a reasonable cost for the product, accuracy of a wideband controller is paramount, you want to have confidence that the AFR readout you are seeing on the gauge is a true representation of what is going on in your exhaust stream.  14point7 takes extreme pride in the accuracy of their Spartan wideband controllers, and because of the high-quality components used and their extensive factory calibration process each unit goes under, this little unit boasts a 0.01 Lambda or 0.15 AFR accuracy out of the box. 14point7 have been in the wideband game for well over a decade, and when buying and using the Spartan 3D Lite Diesel wideband you can rest assure that what you see on your gauge is really what is going on with your motors fuelling.


02 sensor temperature monitorMonitors 02 Sensor Temp

Another handy feature of the Spartan 3D Lite diesel wideband is that it can measure and report sensor temperature, some of you might not know why this can be helpful, so we will explain. It is important when placing your oxygen sensor in your exhaust to not only angle the sensor correctly, but also to place it where the sensor is not exposed to too much or too little heat, getting either of these incorrect can lead to premature failing of the 02 sensor. The Spartan 3D Lite comes with a little LED on the wideband controller itself which will blink slowly if the sensor is too cold, or blink fast if the sensor is too hot or stay solid if sensor temp is optimal. One of the main causes of premature sensor failure is related to improper placement or treatment of the sensors, with this added little feature you can be confident your sensor is running at its optimal running temperature and have peace of mind in that area of your install.


simulated narrowband outputARM Cortex Inside

The Spartan 3 range of wideband controllers have had a major update in the microcontroller side of things, all units in the range are now equipped with a ST Microelectronics ARM Cortex M4. The Microcontroller used on wideband products are important as they are responsible for handling the very time critical computations required for fast response times, analog to digital conversions, features like CAN Bus, being able to flash update the firmware on units, and to a large degree overall how the wideband will perform in the real world. The ARM Cortex M4 is an extremely impressive microcontroller on paper and 14point7 have made use of this powerful little unit to be the heart and soul of the Spartan 3 range of wideband controllers. When buying any of the Spartan 3 range for your application you can rest assured you are getting a unit with an extremely powerful little microcontroller working behind the scenes to bring you one of the fastest, most accurate and durable wideband products on the market today.


Dual Power + Noise Filtering

Another high-end feature that you will find on the Spartan 3 range of wideband controllers is 14point7 has separated both the power & ground circuits for the wideband controller electronics and the 02 sensor heater. There is a dedicated power source required for both the wideband controller electronics & for the oxygen sensor heater. So, with the Spartan 3’s there are two +12v power feeds and 2x grounds required when installing. There is a couple of good reasons for this design choice, the major one and was also present on the Spartan 2’s in the form of a dedicated ground for the 02 sensor heater is having the second ground has proven to stabilize and reduce overall noise on the outputs which is where your wideband signal comes from when connecting to gauges giving a much more stable and accurate reading coming out of the controller to your interfacing device, such as gauges, ECU’s etc. You will find in high end wideband controllers they also run a dual ground setup like the Spartan 3 has and for a good reason. Most other wideband controllers like Innovate, AEM etc do not do this or if they do it is on models at much higher prices, so this is just another reason why the Spartan 3 is a cut above the rest in this price range.

Another good reason for adding the second power source instead of just another ground is now the wideband controller electronics is protected by a 250ma fused circuit, where the 02 sensor heater is protected with a 5A fused circuit. As you can see there is a major difference between the electronics draw and the heater draw. Having the two separated and only allowing a max 250ma draw before a fuse pops on the electronics side is going to go a long way to protecting the wideband circuitry.

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