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JRP Multi Gauge v2.5 Trans Temp Sensor & Cable

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One of the most requested additions to our multi gauge v2 was the ability to add a transmission temp sensor to the kits, so while we were working on the v2.5 hardware we looked at all the options we had to make this possible. We had run out of space to add extra port on the control box that we could use as a dedicated transmission temp on the v2.5 kits, so we had to think about another way to do it and we have come up with a solution which should work for most customers that wanted transmission temp.

If you have bought one of our v2.5 multi gauge kits released in Jan 2021, or are about to buy one and would like a transmission temp sensor, you have the option to order this sensor and it can add transmission temp to the units. These Transmission temp sensors are the same as our Water & Oil temp sensors in that they are a 1/8NPT thread and the readings can go from 0c / 32F to 145c / 293 F. You will also be able to setup a warning in the 14in1 gauge for Transmission temp which can come in very handy.

There is one catch we are afraid, as above we mentioned we had run out of space on the control box to add a dedicated port for this transmission temp sensor, so what we have had to do is if you would like to run trans temp on these gauges, you will lose being able to use the IAT sensor that is included with the kits. So what used to be a dedicated IAT sensor port on the v2 control box is now a multi-port on the v2.5’s, you can select between if the IAT sensor is installed, or this Transmission temp sensor. It’s not possible to run both IAT & Trans temp at the same time, but we thought this was still a viable solution as not everyone uses the IAT sensors and at least gives customers an option to have a transmission temp sensor if they would like.

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