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Genuine Bosch 17025 4.9 Replacement 02 Wideband Sensor

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Here we have brand new genuine Bosch 17025 4.9 oxygen wideband sensor, EU model code 0 258 017 025. They can be used with a range of wideband controllers out there, such as innovate, 14point7, AEM as long as the controller originally came with or supports the 4.9 sensors. Note these are just a replacement sensor only, for those that already own a wideband controller and are in need of a replacement sensor as their original one has failed.

These Bosch 17025 4.9 sensors are a step up from the older 4.2 models, they now respond much quicker and most wideband kits these days are shipping with these latest sensors. Note that if your old wideband controller used the 4.2 model you won’t be able to use this latest sensor unless the manufacture of your controller sells a replacement cable, as the 4.9 has a different connector to the older 4.2 models.

There are interchangeable with innovate controllers that uses the innovate 3888 Bosch LSU 4.9 5-wire wideband 02 sensors. So as long as your model controller supports the 4.9 sensor, these 17025 replacement sensors will be compatible with the LM-2, LC-2, and MTX-L, SCG-1, DLG-1, PSB-1, and PSN-1.

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