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Water Temperature Sensor Hose Adapter 34mm Silver

  • Product Code: WTSHA-34MM-S
  • Availability: In Stock

Here we have an alloy 34mm water temp sensor hose adapter in silver colour, these are used so you can neatly install your water temperature sensors from a gauge kit into your car’s radiator hose system. They are a really neat way of getting the sensors installed.

Make sure to double check before ordering the size of the radiator hose in your car, finding this info can sometimes be more tricky than finding out thread sizes on blocks etc, best to first try a Google search for your motors model number and the words “radiator hose size” and that should yield some results.

The multi gauge kits we sell come with sensors that ground back at the unit it-self, but there are some gauges out there that come with sensors which need to ground on the housing they are fitted to. So these hose adapters also come with a little screw on the top of them so you can run a wire back to the block or chassis to ground the adapter’s so that the sensors which don’t have a ground wire can naturally ground themselves on the hose adapter itself.

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