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Vehicle Speed Sensor Kit – 5v-30v Hall Effect

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Here we have our 3-wire vehicle speed sensor, also known as a Hall Effect sensor. These can be installed on vehicles to obtain a speed signal that can be inputted into our multi gauge systems or aftermarket ECU’s. There are two parts to this sensor setup, one is the sensor itself, the other is a little magnet which you fix to a spinning shaft or wheel of a vehicle, then the sensor needs to be installed within a maximum of 1cm from the spinning magnet. As the magnet passes the sensor per rotation, the sensor counts the magnets passes and this can then be translated into speed by our multi gauge, or even aftermarket ECU’s that have a calibration function for aux Hall effect  sensors.

These are a great way for vehicles that don’t have a working speedo due to an engine conversion, or just don’t have a factory cluster at all, and need to generate a speed signal to be used on devices which can display speed such as our multi gauges. Some aftermarket ECU’s can make use of a speed signal for things like Idle control & launch control for example, so these hall effect sensors can be installed and calibrated so you can supply your aftermarket ECU with a working speed signal to make use of the ECU’s functions which take speed into account.

The only tricky part with using these sensors is the very tight tolerance for the space allowed between the sensor and the magnet, in most cases a Hall effect sensor is most reliable and accurate between 0.3cm and 0.5cm between the magnet and the sensor itself, so this can cause some difficulty with installation, but in most cases customers should be able to rig up a decent mounting location and keep to those tight tolerances.

This sensor kit comes with the Hall effect sensor itself, the small magnet and two mounting brackets that can be used to assist in the installation of the sensor.

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