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Universal Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Silver

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Here we have a universal oil filter sandwich plate adapter in silver colour, they are CNC machined anodised aluminium. Each plate comes with three 1/8” NPT fittings for you to install your sensors into. These are used so you can easily install oil temperature & oil pressure sensors from your gauges onto your motor. These make the job of installing your gauge sensors much simpler and neater, no need to drill and tap your sump for the oil temp sensor, or remove factory oil pressure sensors either.

“Please note” that these sandwich plates do not come with any centre filter thread adapters, we sell high quality stainless steel adapters separately. The reason we have the kits done like this is so customers don’t buy plates with cheaper alloy fittings and also end up with 3 extra fittings they would never use. We decided to buy the sandwich plates separately, then source high quality stainless steel adapters to also sell separately so people can buy just the adapter they need to use with the plate and them be high quality stainless steel and not cheap alloy fittings.

Just a word of caution, about installing an oil pressure sensor directly into the sandwich plate. We here don’t like connecting the sensors directly into the plates, why you ask, well oil pressure sensors unlike temp sensors are bulky and weigh more, we personally wouldn’t just screw the oil pressure sensors into these plates, reason is there is a ton of vibration coming from the motor and with the weight of an oil pressure sensor, we wouldn’t personally risk having a sensor fitting fail.

The way we do it here is mount the oil pressure sensor somewhere close to the sandwich plate, then make up a line that runs from the sensor and into the plate. This removes the sensor having to deal with lots of vibration from the motor under its own weight on the fitting. Sure plenty of people just screw their sensors right into the sandwich plate, we aren’t saying that’s wrong, but just wanted to explain how we go about it when doing an install, just to be extra careful and you can decide either way.

Will This Fit My Car?

In most cases these cannot be used on Diesels. It’s because the actual size of the oil filter is larger than the plates. The adapter bolts required on Diesels are also larger, M24x1.5 for example.

The best way to find out if these plates can be used is by cross checking with Ryco. Simply put into Google your Ryco oil filter part number, so a search like “Ryco Z386” for example, then click on the first link to the Ryco page for that oil filter and the adapter bolt size will be listed.

If the Ryco website says any of the below sizes then you can use the sandwich plates, if they show something like M24x1.5, M14x1.5 etc you won’t be able to use the sandwich plates and will need to use an alternative method for installing your Oil Temp / Oil Pressure sensors. Such as removing the factory Oil Pressure Sensor, getting lines made up at Pirtek to be able to screw your old Oil Pressure sensor into the line, along with a 1/8 NPT threaded Temp / Pressure sensors like those found in our gauge kits.

M18 x 1.5
3/4" -16UNF
M20 x 1.5
M22 x 1.5

Most blocks are using BSP threads, and all aftermarket gauge sensors are NPT. Any questions after reading this get in touch.

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