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Spartan 3 ADV CAN Wideband + 52mm Edge LCD Gauge

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The Spartan 3 ADV CAN wideband + 52mm Edge LCD gauge kit is an incredible wideband package that will appeal to a lot of different customers for a few different reasons, this kit is aimed firstly at people running Link Engine Management, Adaptronic or Megasquirt MS3 ECU’s and would like a wideband package that can connect to these ECU’s via CAN rather than using the analog input, and would also like a gauge to display readings as well as being connected to their ECU’s. But another customer base for this wideband kit would be Diesel customers, as both the wideband controller and gauge are capable of giving a wider AFR range of 10 to 40, this wider range is required for Diesel tuning.

This wideband kit is also terrific for customers looking for a higher end wideband using the latest ADV sensors and don’t need  connection to an aftermarket ECU, or customers that are happy to use the analog out to connect to an ECU, but are looking for one of the very best and fastest responding wideband controllers on the market today. So there is a few different reasons why customers would want to look at this wideband gauge package, and one thing is for sure is that this kit is without a doubt one of the very best wideband gauge kits on the market today and at a price that is just simply amazing.

After many years of success and thousands of vehicles running its predecessor the Spartan 2 wideband, 14point7 have been working away on the successor to one of the worlds toughest, most reliable and accurate widebands the Spartan 3 ADV. It’s here and has landed with a bang, the Spartan 3 ADV CAN lambda controller is without a doubt one of the best wideband products on the market today and at a price point that makes them available to almost every performance car enthusiast.

There has been some serious upgrades in technology used in the Spartan 3 ADV, from using one of the latest & most advanced oxygen sensor designs on the market today, to having CAN communication added with support for big brand name ECU’s such as Link, Adaptronic & Megasquirt 3 MS3, to wireless communication with the controller over Bluetooth for configuration and even wireless streaming of air fuel ratios using the Torque app on your android phone and tablet. The Spartan 3 ADV is one hell of a CAN wideband controller, and again 14point7 have managed to achieve all this without asking you to break the bank to be able to afford one.

Some will ask does this unit make the Spartan 2 obsolete and the short answer to that is no, the Spartan 2 is still a terrific wideband product at one of the most competitive prices on the market, but for those wanting CAN communication to their Link, Adaptronic or MS3 aftermarket ECU’s, or those wanting a lambda controller that is higher end with faster response times, using the latest in oxygen sensor design, or being able to wirelessly steam an air fuel readout to the Android phone or tablet, the Spartan 3 ADV is a terrific higher end wideband controller with more features and functions than it’s predecessor.

14point7 has been around for a long time, but some of you might not have heard of them before. This is because unlike Innovate & AEM who pretty much just target the masses, 14point7 catered more to the tech savvy DIY car community out there, they also in the past more targeted the aftermarket ECU community of the Megasquirt which isn’t huge here in Australia. Don’t be fooled by their reasonable prices, the Spartan 3 ADV is one of the best CAN lambda controllers in the world today, with a response rate of just 5ms it is more than three times the speed of its nearest competitor on the market, when buying 14point7 you are getting some of the very best wideband tech in the industry without having to pay the big brand name tax.


Spartan 3 ADV CAN Lambda Controller Features


JRP Edge 52mm LCD AFR GaugeJRP Edge 52mm LCD Gauge

Bundled with this kit is our high quality Edge 52mm LCD air fuel ratio gauge, they have the ability to switch between either a 10 to 20 AFR readout for petrol, a 0.68 to 1.38 Lambda reading, or also a 10 to 40 AFR reading for Diesel applications. The Lambda readout is particularly handy for those who are doing flex fuel, running fuels other than petrol such as e85, methanol or just people that prefer to use Lambda as their readout. These are absolutely stunning gauges, beautiful done black alloy body’s, tempered glass fronts and modern looking without going over the top. The LCD panels in these gauges took over a year in development, they are capable of being extremely bright for an LCD because of them using high quality VA panels, and of course they also have brightness adjustment to dim them again for night time use. They have been named Edge simply because the LCD panel has been able to be made to run almost right to the edge of the gauge creating a seamless and stunning looking air fuel gauge. They also are a 10-colour gauge, allowing you to select from 10 different colours to suit your own personal preference.


worlds fastest wideband controllerLightening Fast Response @ 5ms

No one likes lag, the Spartan 3 ADV has a blistering response rate of just 5ms, and yes you read right 5ms. The Spartan 3 ADV is the fastest responding wideband controller in the world today. How this has been achieved is by utilising the very latest generation Bosch internals on the OEM ADV oxygen sensors supplied with these kits. These sensors are in another league compared to the standard 4.9 sensors and allow the Spartan 3 ADV hardware to take advantage of the sensors superior response rate to achieve what is currently the fastest responding wideband in the world. There are more benefits to using these latest sensors as well and we run through some of those further down this page.


OEM Bosch ADV Oxygen SensorsOEM ADV 02 Sensors 

The Spartan 3 ADV CAN wideband controller ships with an OEM ADV LSU which 14point7 had manufactured for just for these kits, they use Bosch ADV 02 sensor internals to create a cost effective but extremely robust and blisteringly quick wideband oxygen sensor. This is top of the line oxygen sensor has had some significant improvements to its design compared to the 4.9 02 sensors, one being the response rate which we talked about above. The first is a redesigned sensing element, the ADV sensors now use a Linear design for the element instead of Radial used on the standard 4.9 sensors, and this has some distinct advantages when it comes to response rates, life expectancy and overall toughness of the sensors. The heater design has also been improved for reduced power demand, the sensors are now also less prone to thermal shock which is a major killer of 02 sensors thanks to the redesign of the sensor element. If you want the toughest, fastest responding & most reliable 02 sensors for your application, you really can’t go past the latest ADV LSU sensors.

OEM Bosch ADV Lambda 02 Sensor


Link CAN Lambda Controller SupportLink CAN Support

The Spartan 3 ADV can be set to directly emulate the Link CAN protocol, and so will allow them to be connected to Link engine management systems that support CAN lambda controllers for simple and easy communication of wideband data into your Link ECU over their CAN protocol. Being that the Spartan 3 ADV will emulate the Link CAN protocol, this makes the setup process extremely simple, just select Link CAN lambda wideband in your ECU software and the Spartan 3 ADV will start sending wideband data to your ECU, simple as that. Link and 14point7 worked together to make sure the implementation and support for the Spartan 3 was solid, both Lambda & sensor temps are reported directly into the ECU.


Adaptronic CAN Wideband ControllerAdaptronic CAN Support

Just like Link, Adaptronic also added support for the Spartan 3 ADV wideband into their ECU’s to communicate over CAN, so if you own an Adaptronic ECU that supports CAN such as their latest Modular series, you can select the Spartan 3 as a CAN wideband device in your ECU software to get a stable and reliable wideband signal into your ECU over CAN. It’s a simple case of setting the appropriate CAN protocol for Adaptronic on the Spartan 3, then going into Eugene’s wideband setup section selecting the Spartan 3 from the drop down and off you go.


Megasquirt 3 MS3 CAN Wideband ControllerMegasquirt 3 CAN Support

14point7’s default CAN protocol on the Spartan 3 ADV is now compatible with the Megasquirt 3 also known as the MS3 range of ECU’s. 14point7 has a long history of supporting the Megasquirt community and this has continued with their very latest Spartan 3 ADV models bringing one of the very best CAN lambda controllers on the market today to Megasquirt 3 users. Now you are able to communicate directly with your MS3 ECU over CAN for a completely digital signal for your lambda data and sensor temperatures.


Bluetooth & Torque OBD App SupportBluetooth & Torque

Another feature of the Spartan 3 ADV is that it has a Bluetooth chip on board to wirelessly communicate with Android phones and tablets. What this has allowed for on top of being able to change the devices settings wirelessly is, it’s now possible to use the Torque app on Android phones or tablets to create a virtual AFR gauge in the app which can display air fuel ratio or lambda readings wirelessly from the Spartan 3 ADV. This can be handy for those who want a wireless gauge so when under the hood or outside of the car they can get readings from the wideband on a cable less portable device, or just have their phone mounted in the car to be used as a gauge. Of course it’s still possible to run a physical gauge, but customers now have the option to pick and choose one or the other or can do both. Note the Torque app is a paid app, but doesn’t cost a lot.

Torque OBD App Support On Android Devices


Firmware Updates Supported Via Win10Firmware Updateable

Because the Spartan 3 ADV has a Bluetooth chip on-board, it is possible to update the units firmware wirelessly if required using a Windows 10 laptop. Unlike some other wideband products where updating firmware or making changes to settings required cumbersome serial cables or using serial to USB cables, the Spartan 3 ADV with its Bluetooth connection makes updating firmware or changing settings on the units a wireless process, no more having to plug in cables or work with outdated serial connections. A simple terminal app can be installed on your Android phone or tablet to change the units settings, or when wanting to update its firmware you can do so wirelessly using your Windows 10 laptop.


Diesel Wideband AFR's Supporting 10 to 40Diesel AFR Range Support

Another feature of the Spartan 3 ADV is that it is perfect being used for Diesel tuning applications, the units are able to change from the default AFR range of 10 - 20 to a wider range of 10 - 40 AFR to suit Diesel tuning. Along with using the latest ADV sensors which will handle Diesel better than the 4.9 sensors, and having the correct wider AFR range, the Spartan 3 ADV will be a perfect Diesel wideband solution. The JRP Edge 52mm gauges that are included in this kit have an option to change the gauges readings to 10 – 40 AFR to suit this wideband package being used for Diesel tuning, and it is also still of course an option to have the Spartan 3 ADV send wideband readings wireless to an Android phone or tablet and have the readings display in Torque if wanting to get readings while outside the car for example.


0.01 Lambda Accuracy0.01 Lambda Accuracy

14point7 takes extreme pride in the accuracy of their Spartan 3 ADV CAN lambda controllers, because of the high quality components used and their extensive factory calibration process each unit goes under, this little unit boasts a 0.01 Lambda accuracy out of the box. Another feature of these is that they do not require any free air calibration. Something else 14point7 do that not a lot of other widebands do is run a dual ground setup, now this is really most applicable when utilizing the 0-5v analog out on the controllers, so if using these over CAN and not using the 0-5v out it’s not as important, but if you are running a gauge off the 0-5v analog out on these lambda controllers, this dual ground setup helps keep the signal extremely stable and accurate, without this in place analog outs on widebands can be noisy and readings jump around more than they should.


Wideband 0-5v Analog Output 10 to 20 AFRWideband Analog Output

The Spartan 3 ADV also has a linear wideband analog output, which can be used to connect to gauges, ecu’s, data loggers etc. While those with CAN enabled Link, Adaptronic or Megasquirt 3 ECU’s can take advantage of running the CAN signal from these units into their ECU’s, for gauges or people connecting to older ECU’s the analog output is still used and required. If you want to take advantage of your aftermarket ECU’s closed loop function or auto tune and don’t have a CAN enabled ECU, you will need to run the wideband analog out from the Spartan 3 ADV lambda controller back you’re the analog in on your aftermarket ECU. The Linear Output is: 0v @ 0.68[Lambda] - 10[AFR] to 5v @ 1.36[Lambda] 20[AFR] equivalent for gasoline.  Check before purchasing that your ECU is able to accept this format, if un-sure, give us a call and we can assist.

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