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60mm Digital Air Fuel Ratio Gauge Red Blue

  • Product Code: AFR-G-1
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Here we have a digital 60mm Air Fuel Ratio gauge, this gauge is intended to be used in conjunction with the 14point7 Spartan 2 wideband if you aren’t getting one of our multi gauges or using it with a megasquirt ECU, they are not a wideband kit and are a gauge display only. These gauges are really well lit and clear to read, you have the numeric readout in the middle, as well as the sweeping style display as a secondary which can be good to use with peripheral vision. You can change the colour between red or blue display and have a dim option.

The input supported by these AFR gauges is 0-5v which scales from 10 to 20 AFR to perfectly match the linear output from the Spartan 2. If you have another brand of wideband where your digital gauge has died and they have the option of changing the analog output from the wideband to match the above input specifications, they can be a good replacement for those kits as well. If you are buying for that purpose, best to talk with us first and we can assist if this air fuel ratio gauge will work for your purpose.

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