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14in1 Mini Cannon External Warning Light Add-On

  • Product Code: DMG-A-1
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Here we have a mini cannon style warning light that is used in conjunction with the 14in1 multi gauge. Note these are small and photos on websites can be deceiving, they are around 2cm wide by 2cm high and 5cm long. Our multi gauge allows you to setup this warning light a few different ways, you can program the gauge so that it’s an extra shift light, but its primary purpose is to use it as an extra warning light to attract your attention if any of the sensors on the system trigger a warning alarm.

The multi gauge has a built in alarm system where the unit will beep and highlight a sensor that’s triggered a warning on the screen, but this might not be enough for some people, especially those track cars that are very loud and drivers are focused on their driving rather than their gauges. So this is where this extra warning light can come in handy, you can mount it in your field of vision so that if any sensor triggers a warning alarm, you will see this light up brightly to attract your attention to take a look at the gauge to see what warning has been triggered.

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