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EGT Probe Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 1/8NPT

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Here we have our very high quality EGT probe also known as an exhaust gas temp sensor, they are rated for temps from 0c to 1100c and come with a 3 meter stainless steel braided loom, deutsch plug connector and 1/8 NPT male fitting. These can be used to run into your aftermarket ECU to monitor EGT temps. We have provided the millivolt output charts on the product images for calibration purposes.

One of the sensors that takes the most punishment and are prone to failure when using cheaper designs in the manufacturing process are EGT sensors. We spent a great deal of time hunting for great quality EGT sensors to make sure we were providing the best quality sensors possible without asking you to take out a mortgage to purchase them. This search lead us to these high quality insulated K-Type thermocouples, they are made from 3030 stainless steel, can withstand constant operating temperatures of over 1000c for prolonged periods, and burst temps of up to 1200c.

Another important factor which makes these EGT sensors a cut above the rest is the majority of EGT sensors are using single core wires, these sensors are using multi strand. Now you may ask why is that better, well what we have discovered here after a year of playing around with various EGT sensors is this, heat is not the main killer of EGT sensors, vibration is. Having multiple strand wires in these sensors allows them to better cope with the harmonics and vibration of daily use, leading to less failures overall. Then you have the high quality connectors, heat shielding, these sensors really are built to take a punishment.

If you have any questions about your application for these EGT sensors, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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