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52mm Air Fuel Ratio Gauge LED

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Here we have our decent looking LED 52mm air fuel ratio gauge. These will be of interest to people wanting to buy the Spartan 2 and aren’t grabbing a multi gauge and can’t or don’t want to use the 60mm gauge on offer. While we really recommend the 60mm LCD AFR gauge we sell for use with the Spartan, because it’s larger, very bright and has both the digital readout along with 10-20 afr sweeping display, there are some people out there that only have existing space for a 52mm gauge. And so this is why we have this 52mm LED air fuel ratio gauge in stock. It has the same fast response as our LCD AFR gauge, which of course is the most important part, also has the digital readout which is produced by LED rather than LCD, and has a sweeping rich / lean indicator style indicator, but without the numbers surrounding it like the 60mm has.

So if you are looking to grab one of the Spartan widebands and don’t want a multi gauge kit or can’t fit the 60mm, these 52mm gauges are a good alternative. Not as flashy as the 60mm, but again if space is limited, this will do the job just as well. Because we buy these in smaller quantity, they are a little more expensive, they also come with a 52mm pod in case you don’t already have an existing pod or mount for the gauge.

These gauges support  0-5v input with a display range of 10-20 AFR, they can be used of course with the Spartan 2 and match its output perfectly, but if you have another wideband kit where the gauge has gone bad and the kit supports outputting 0-5v over a 10-20 air fuel ratio range, then these can work as a replacement for your existing kit.

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